Holiday Gift Giving – Is it a Good Idea?

Yes, not all the leaves have fallen to the ground and we’re talking about holiday gifting. With decisions to make, artwork to finalize and deadlines to beat, now is a GREAT time to talk about the holidays.

There are a few things we need to think about before settling on the right gift(s).

Who do you give gifts to? Family and friends usually, but what about your employees and clients? How much should you spend per person? What do you think they’ll appreciate? Think about all of those people you are buying for, should they all get the same gift?

Are you having a holiday party and would like to have a giveaway or a party favor? What about custom decorations for your party? How many people, including guests, will be showing up to celebrate?

What is appropriate?

The gifts you give out at a holiday party may not be appropriate for your best clients and employees. Do you remember a scene in the movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ when Clark W. Grizwold Jr. received a jelly of the month club subscription instead of the large bonus he received in years past? That is what giving out the wrong gift feels like to your recipient. (If you haven’t seen it, I would cover your ears because there are a few swears. I bet it can be found online. It’s quite memorable.)

Generally the more you value an employee or client, the higher the value of the gift. I can’t say I’d give out wireless earbuds to a part-time employee who doesn’t even say hello to your customers. An employee who is great at customer service and you see using headphones on their way out of work everyday would most likely appreciate the wireless ear buds. They will know that you gave considerable thought for their gift.

How do you pick the right gift?

Write down all of the information that you have:

  • Number of employees, number of clients, number of vendors or whatever categories apply to your situation. I’ll refer to them as your ‘people’ below.
  • Budget – overall or per gift.
  • Things that you know your ‘people’ like.
  • Things that you know your ‘people’ DON’T like.
  • Edible gifts – any allergies or specific food intolerance.
  • Environmentally friendly – keep your gifts in line with your core beliefs.
  • Socially acceptable – whatever this means to you and your ‘people’.

Take a look at what you’ve written and see if there are any categories that you can mentally cross out right away. If your office is having a healthy eating challenge, maybe those chocolate truffles are not so inspiring. If you have an environmentally friendly workplace, that cheap-ish plastic thingamajig that won’t last a season will only send the wrong message.

When you have all the information you can think of you next need to figure out your budget. Budget is probably the most important information to guide you in your decision. Do what you can comfortably afford. Do not let this stress you out, if it is a stress for you or your budget, take a deep breath and step back to make sure you can handle this before buying more than you can afford.

Products that WOW:

Here are few examples of great branded gifts or party favors

High Value Gift for People You Highly Value
Wireless Powerbank
Dogwood Hill Embroidery
Wireless Power Bank

This UL Listed power bank also has wireless charging capabilities and contains a 4,000 mAh Grade A Lithium Polymer battery, micro USB and USB-C inputs, and a USB output so you can charge your phone with a traditional cable. Product details can be found here:

  • Includes both Micro-USB and USB-C inputs
  • 4000 mAh Lithium ion battery
  • Suction cups allow for sticking to any smooth surface and wirelessly charging the mobile phone
  • USB output provides option to charge via standard cable
  • Battery light indicator
  • Includes: Charging cable, instructions

Classic Gift with Staying Power
Tervis Tumbler - Classic Gift
Dogwood Hill Embroidery
These Tumblers have been around a while, great place to promote your business.

Tervis is the original double wall insulated tumbler that your customers ask for by name. Our tumblers have been keeping Hot drinks Hot and Cold drinks Cold while reducing condensation since 1946. You can find out more here:

  • Double Wall Insulated Tervis Tumbler
  • Tumbler keeps hot drinks hot
  • Cup keeps colds drinks cold
  • Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer safe and BPA free.
  • Compliant with: ASTM, CPSIA, Food Grade, FDA and PROP 65

Party Time!
Pop Socket plus Mount for car or office use.

A PopSocket sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its reusable, repositionable gel. Once extended, the PopSocket becomes a media stand for your device, a photo or texting grip, or lower it for a video chat. The possibilities are endless with the PopSocket. The back of anyone’s phone is prime real estate for any promotion, and the best part is that PopSockets can be used on any brand of phone.

  • Consider this the compliment to the already popular PopSockets® Grip.
  • The PopSockets® Mount enables you to mount your phone to your dashboard, wall, or locker using your PopSockets® Grip.
  • Your PopSockets® Grip will snap easily into and out of your PopSockets® Mount to enable hands-free viewing.
  • The PopSockets® Mount attaches to surfaces with a single-use 3M VHB adhesive.

Any Questions? Feel free to email me: marissa @ Embroidery orders for the holiday season need to be placed by December 15 for arrival by December 24. Promotional products have different production times, call or email for more information about a specific product.

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